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All You Need to Know About B2B Platforms

Are you a B2B company wishing to make it big in the industry? If so, maybe you should consider investing in a b2b wholesale platform. You might think that an Ecommerce platform is only usable by companies that deliver directly to customers. However, this is not true.

Instead, there has been a projection that the top b2b platforms will grow tremendously in the next five years. Hence, investing in a b2b ecommerce solution is a wise decision. It is important to know all that you can about b2b platforms so that you can incorporate the model to your business accordingly.

What is b2b platform?

There are various ways to answer this question. For the purpose of this guide, let’s keep it simple. A b2b E-commerce platform is a space that allows companies to conduct transactions electronically. There are various b2b platform examples in the market. One of the best one is Shopify b2b. This is because the platform is made to be specifically used by b2b companies.

Some of you might think that this is not much of an advantage. After all, how much different can the requirements of a b2b e-commerce platform be? Let’s just say that they are vastly different. For instance, b2b clients indulge in bulk buying and give their business to those who give them the best quotes. Therefore, dynamic pricing is the key factor required in b2b platforms.

Why do digital?

All the big companies are going digital, regardless of whether they are b2b or b2c. Why? Here are a few reasons why you should opt for E-commerce platforms in a b2b platform.

  • It is convenient for both companies.
  • It allows you to reduce your reliance on your sales teams’ expertise.
  • A faster and hassle-free order taking and order tracking process.
  • The chances of human error are eliminated.

How to conduct a b2b E-commerce platform comparison?

When selecting b2b platforms, you must assess each option carefully. Some of the best platforms are Shopify, Magneto, NetSuite, IBM, and Alibaba. Factors you can assess them on include:

  • Responsiveness of design
  • Compatibility with devices
  • Security
  • Type of platform: Is it cloud-based or open sourced?
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Self-service and customer service options
  • The extent of flexibility in payment options


Make sure you look for quality b2b platforms. It matters.

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